‘People are talking about my business all over thanks to Catherine’

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Catherine. I simply dropped her a message and within a week Catherine was sat with me in Hunters Foot Health Clinic where she very professionally began to piece my story together, what a talented writer Catherine is, I received the piece later that day and of course I was delighted with her work.

The official opening of the Clinic took place a week later. Catherine came along and took photos of the proceedings, I didn’t realise how many pictures she was taking so I was delighted to see so many natural shots, Catherine certainly captured the excitement of the day. With pictures the story of my professional journey was complete.

I am over the moon with the result and how it has helped raise the profile of my business. The piece has been published in two papers and put on Lancashire Telegraph’s website. People are talking about my business all over thanks to Catherine, I highly recommend her and will be using her talents again.

Catherine Hunter

Hunter’s Foot Health Clinic

‘Bring reality to our lives’

Catherine your articles, written for VIC, bring reality to our lives.

Thank you.

Ronnie Barker

Chairman of Veterans In Communities

‘High standards and integrity’

As ever Catherine you always provide excellent news stories and a standard of reporting at the highest level. Those stories are always a very enjoyable read and in some case’s are heartwarming real life stories of a great number of honest hardworking members of our wider community across Rossendale and beyond.

Having watched with a great deal of interest, it just a shame there are not more journalists of your high standards and integrity, on behalf of the good people of Rossendale and Lancashire as a whole thank you for all your help and support of all our wider community, once again thank you.

Alan Neal

Vice President of the Lancashire Association of Local Councils.

‘Couldn’t put it down till all read. Just wow’

The Sophie Lancaster Story / Weirdo Mosher Freak book

Well I’ve finally read the book. Just finished it now parked in a layby outside Cambridge. Couldn’t put it down till all read. Just wow.

Gary Thomas

‘You have made a difference to our child’s life’

I just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done to support Harris this week. He has always struggled reading, we have had him tested for Dyslexia recently but either way, if it comes back that he is or isn’t, we know he massively struggles, it has knocked his confidence so much. Well…..this week, working on the newspaper, is the first time EVER in his life, that he has shown a keen interest in any type of literacy! It has been great to hear him talking about it when he got home from school. It has given him confidence and pride in his work! I know you have played a big part in promoting that confidence because that’s what you do. I just thought it was important to tell you that you have made a difference to our child’s life, more than you would know. Thanks Catherine, you are a star!

Trish Dobbs

Parent of a pupil on Fearns Chat 2019

‘What an amazing experience’

Catherine has been working with my daughter and others for the school newspaper for the last 3 years and what an amazing experience they have had under her tutelage. Catherine manages to balance her incredible talent for all types of media with a wonderful educational experience for children! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into their sessions, my daughter is devastated that she has to move on. All the best

Kim Clarke

Parent of a junior journalist on Northern News

‘Lovely to work with and a great writer’

Catherine has written 2 pieces for me now and both have been fantastic. A true professional approach, lovely to work with and great writer.

Lisa Lomas

Biores UK

Vanquish Driver Tuition

‘She’s full of bright ideas and has many contacts to help’

Catherine is simply wonderful! She has been extremely helpful to me and my business. She’s full of bright ideas and has many contacts to help, she even managed to get me on Radio Lancashire. Highly recommended!

Paul Bridge

Therapeutic Counselling Services

‘She captures exactly what you want to say’

I have asked Catherine to write me a few stories over the years when I had my accountancy practice and recently my husband’s book Anarquista, every story she has written has found its way into a number of newspapers. It always amazes me, she comes to meet you asks a few questions and then just sits and writes. I have always found she captures exactly what you want to say. A very talented lady.

Amanda J Chapman