School News with Catherine Smyth Media

I produce Papers in a Day six times a year at Academy schools Coal Clough and The Heights Free School, part of the Education Business Partnership Trust. Each paper reflects the schools’ activities over half a term.

At Bacup primary schools Northern and Britannia I produce termly newspapers by running eight after school sessions with a maximum of 10 pupils.

At Sharneyford Primary School I continue to run my annual Paper in a Day.

At Fearns Community Sports College I have produced a newspaper in a week for 10 years. In 2018 Fearns Chat won the nationals Shine School Media Awards titles of best newspaper and best front cover.

I have created bespoke newspapers on a theme: a chaplaincy one at a Catholic school, Second World War papers, a special Elizabethan edition when a school celebrated its centenary, a paper with young carers and several with the Summer Holidays project.

Could I create a bespoke newspaper project for your business, organisation or charity?

Paper In A Day

This is a hectic, fun one-day programme leading to the creation of a four-page newspaper. In primary schools this is an A5 paper and in high schools a four-page A4 paper is produced.

The day project has been carefully developed to provide the pupils with knowledge about journalism and the role of newspapers, while also boosting their literacy skills.

Catherine works with staff to lead the newspaper lesson for half a day and then transforms the pupils’ words and pictures into a paper ready for the school to print in house.

Paper In A Half Term

This has been developed for the two academy trust schools which Catherine works in six times a year. The students are not in mainstream education and require an alternative provision and so a bespoke programme has been developed to suit the school’s requirements.

She works with a very small number of pupils and is supported by a member of the teaching staff.

The pupils document the school’s activities over the half-term and then, like the Paper in a Day project, Catherine takes the words and photos away and creates a four page paper in the afternoon working from home.

Paper In A Week

This programme involves Catherine working with the pupils for a whole week in normal school hours, and also creating some of the newspaper on site.

Catherine has applied this scheme in both a primary and secondary setting.

In a high school Catherine works with a maximum of 10 pupils and engages them in writing, taking photos and even designing their own pages using professional software.

Paper In A Term

This programme works by running eight newspaper club sessions at an after-school club and a 16-page A5 paper is produced at the end for sale at school.

The week’s events are led by Catherine and at the high school students also get the chance to design their own news pages using professional software.

To book a paper in a day or paper in a week, half term or term contact Catherine Smyth Media

Parent & Teacher Feedback

Parent feedback

My 11 year old son Shaun came home from school buzzing with enthusiasm after announcing he’d been a journalist for the day. I discovered his class had a visit from our local Journalist Catherine Smyth. We could see how inspired he was from the session with Catherine. He couldn’t wait to tell us about his experience, describing how he had worked with a team of journalists (his peers); their mission: to assimilate information on an interesting topic by interviewing children and staff, along with taking photographs for the news article. He loved it! Clearly his experience promoted his confidence in writing and communication skills. He was fascinated to hear about Catherine’s professional experiences, and wanted to know more about Journalism and writing. Children often like to see the purpose of learning. The session encourages this, since it gives them a great opportunity to see the results of their work produced as a newspaper article.

Teacher feedback

Another fantastic issue of the CCA newsletter. Your expertise and enthusiasm are much appreciated. I think having the same pupils involved each time is a good strategy, it has allowed you to build a really positive working relationship with them and it is obvious they are getting a lot out of the sessions.
Shaun (teacher)
The students really enjoy doing it and have been asking me since the last edition when the next session would be. All the very best Catherine and look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.

Chris (Deputy Head)