Good news! I have waited quite a while to feel so upbeat and feel like I have been waiting years to be so positive.

An optimist always looks on the bright side of life and yet I feel as though I have been stuck at the bottom of a very dark hole. Like the frog in the well, the one who jumps three feet and falls back two. Well this frog appears to have found her legs again.

I went for that consultant appointment and for once I came out with a smile on my face.

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Two years. That is what I was told it might take before things started returning to normal when I first visited the consultant in his private palatial consulting room at Highfield Hospital in Rochdale back in March.

‘It may take two years worth of medication before we can sort things out,’ he told me.

A couple of months into the medication, I was advised from the pharmacist in Boots that it would be cheaper to switch to prepayment prescriptions because I could be on the meds for a long while. So I did.

Armed with my latest blood test results, that I was thankfully able to obtain thanks to the surgery’s practice manager, I took my seat in the consulting room.

It was carefully explained to me that, should I want to have an operation to remove the thyroid then they would go ahead with it, however, after listening to my seemingly endless symptom list, he said some might not be thyroid related.

The blood tests clearly showed that the medication was taking effect on the hormones with one now within normal range and the second on the cusp. Don’t forget when I joined the hyperthyroid merry-go-round one was at three times the level it should be and the other twice as busy.

‘If you were not as healthy as you are, you would have been in hospital by now.’

I have never been able to get that phrase out of my head. So I stayed fit, healthy and still doing as much as my body would let me and I have not spent the last six months giving in to everything and sitting with my feet up.

As I have just returned from an incredibly busy Cub camp weekend, taking it easy has definitely not been on the agenda.

He looked at the bloods and said things were sorting themselves out and clarified that the TSH – Thyroid Stimulating Hormone – in my pituitatry gland, which needs to start working in order to maintain and properly control the hormones, could start working again, but we would not know that until both hormones were at a normal level.

‘That is the last thing to normalise and it can be six weeks after the others,’ he explained.

Then he delighted me by informing me that he wanted to reduce both the thyroid medication and the beta blocker so I am steadily being weaned off the medication with a view to? Well it can only be with a view to stopping it altogether and my life returning.

One beta blocker every other day and just the two thyroid tabs in a morning. A permanent marker pen helps me identify when to take the beta blocker. I am now taking half of the medication and feeling so much better for it.

I have lots more energy, feel better within myself and ‘old friends’ have remarked on how I look more my usual self. My weight has stabilised between 8 stones 6 to 8 pounds, but it has stayed there and stopped fluctuating.

The itchiness is not as acute and hair loss is now normal, although still needs to recover from the mass exodus of a few months ago.

I was given paperwork to ensure the blood test is carried out in time for my next appointment and it is already booked. I expect the next consultant appointment to be at the end of October, but have no date at present.

Could I be seeing light at the end of the tunnel? Will there be no need for invasive surgery? Might I not have to wear that scarf given to me for my birthday after all?

Speaking of that 50th – I still have a mountain of alcohol that could sink a battleship. I have also managed to raise, so far, three hundres pounds in lieu of presents towards a defibrillator in my village with more money still to come in.

I have always been an optimist, in diverse contrast to my husband who is most definitely a pessimist. The glass is always half full and never half empty, however with the way I am feeling currently I think the glass might just get topped up!

If you feel upbeat then it is infectious and all around you do too. I hope that the next time I pen a blog I have even better news to impart.

Things are certainly looking a whole lot better. Now can we have some sunshine too?