St Mary's Express

School News paper in a day project

Thanks for the newspaper project the finished paper looks fantastic!

Ian Jones
St Mary's RC School, Burnley.

About My Area

"Catherine Smyth, of Catherine Smyth Media, is passionate about Rossendale and the people who live here, and this shines through in the work that she does.  As Website Editor for About My Area  www.aboutmyarea.co.uk/rossendale, I work closely with Catherine and it's clear that she takes great pride in the work that she does.  Her press releases are always well-written and accompanied by photographs with appropriate captions, which makes life much easier.  Her work with local schools on their newspapers displays a desire to nurture young talent and offers an early introduction to media."

Christine Smith

About My Area Website Editor

Stubbins Star

Newspaper in a day at Stubbins Primary School

We've had a look at the paper and the children were 'well impressed'. It has been a very rewarding experience. Thanks for your speedy work! We were extremely impressed by the standard of the production. The children had a thoroughly enjoyable morning and appreciate the hard work, care and dedication needed to turn stories into a finished paper.
Many thanks for your input.

David Richardson
Year 5 teacher

Britannia Buzz

School newspaper in a day produced with Year 6 pupils

Fantastic! We love it. Thanks. They loved the session, and the result even more.

Neil Overton, Year 6 teacher

Pupils' comments

"I really enjoyed doing it, it was a good chance to learn about papers," Caitlin

"I think it was a good chance to go out and be a reporter and learn how a paper is made by seeing what you do," Morgan

"It was a good opportunity. We learned how to write a newspaper and if we have to do it again it will be 10 times as easy!" Adam

Fearns Chat

High School newspaper in a week at Fearns Community Sports College

Individual student comments:

"I enjoyed the week and it boosted my confidence because I had to go and talk to different people. It also helped me with my writing, my punctuation and I now try to spell things correctly and not rely on the spell check."

"It was good finding out all the information, there was good team work and I found out a lot more about school. It helped my literacy skills as well."

"It has been great having you here I've learnt a lot."

"Thank you it's been a great experience."

"Ta Miss, It's been great."

"Thanks for being a great help."

The Fearns Chat Newsteam

"The final result looks incredibly professional and everyone involved should be very proud of what they have achieved."

Rebecca Roach, English teacher

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