Greater Manchester Royal British Legion

On behalf of The Royal British Legion, may I thank you for the fantastic press coverage you managed to obtain for us for The Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester's Cadet Poppy Awards.
I, and my colleagues, were astounded at the amount of positive press coverage you garnered for us.
Many thanks and I look forward to working with you again next year.
Yours sincerely

Kevin McGuire
The Royal British Legion
Community Fundraiser - Greater Manchester

The Blackout

interviewing webSchool newspaper in a day with Year 4 pupils of Cravenwood Primary School, Manchester.

Thanks for all your hard work, the children and teachers are full of
praise for the day you spent with them.
We will definitely mention you to other schools, and a copy of the paper
will be given to Governors and put on display in the reception and in the
library. Also, photos from the day will go onto our screen at the front of

Best Wishes

Gudrun Heatley


The Sharney Star

sharney webHere are some comments from Sharneyford Primary School on Class 3's paper in a day project.
'Catherine was great and she taught us lots. Class 3 enjoyed our morning doing 'Paper in a day'. We all enjoyed interviewing and typing up the articles. When we got the newspaper from Catherine, it was really impressive!
Gemma, aged 10
'Catherine was full of vim and vigour when she came and had full of fascinating facts about Bacup and journalism. I enjoyed typing what I knew was soon to be a newspaper article. The finished product was a total masterpiece and I am very proud to be a part of it.'
Ocean, aged 11
'The children had a great morning; they were all excited to have their own roles. It was good to see them purposefully roaming the school on a mission to interview people. They were very impressed at the finished product which looked very professional. It has sold well and we can't wait for next year's edition.'
Mrs Holt, Year 5/6 teacher

Fashions and Rations

research webSchool News paper in a day at Northern Primary School - a wartime paper

Thanks Catherine. Brilliant.

I think that this activity should be included each year in Y6. What a great opportunity!  I'm sure the head and deputy will support my proposal. We work well together and the children learn so much.

I could fit this into our Scheme of Work and match learning objectives.

Some of the reluctant writers were so motivated and it also gave our able and talented a great challenge.

Karen Taylor
Year 6 teacher

(Picture is deliberately black and white)

Views of the children

Megan says, " You have a true talent!"
Harriet: "How do you get it all lined up?"


Rule Britannia

Year 6 and I want to thank you for a fantastic morning writing our 'Newspaper in a day'.

After the 'Ice breaking' activity we learned some fascinating facts about the history of newspapers, and in particular thought about what being a journalist might involve. Then we had to put our brains and team skills into gear as we tried to decide how to organise a set of headlines.

Before we knew it we were voting on a title for our very own special edition, and 'Rule Britannia' was born. The children spent possibly the most frantic hour of their lives interviewing, photographing, editing and typing to bring together a set of trulypresspack web unique reports, while at the same time keeping an eye on the clock.

Thanks to your skill and experience, and the way you worked so carefully to meet the individual needs of the pupils and their personalities, we succeeded in meeting the deadline. You even worked overtime with our photographer before departing to publish the first draft- really flexible of you!

To the pupils' delight we were able to download via e-mail a first draft within just 2 hours, so that the children really did see the fruits of their efforts before home time.

I was impressed with the few slight changes to your programme from last year, and also with your continued support over the week to make small changes to the final publication. The children really do feel like they produced a real paper to be proud of, and I hope it inspired some to consider such a career in later life.

Thanks for another great day- can we book again next year?

Neil Overton, Y6 teacher. Britannia Primary School

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