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West End Times

Mrs Kennett, Year 4 teacher.

The ‘Paper in a Day’ session with Catherine was excellent. All my Year 4 children thoroughly 


enjoyed writing their own newspaper reports which then formed part of our school newspaper.

The children enjoyed all the activities they did with Catherine and Reece enjoyed being the photographer! We were amazed to see most of the finished newspaper by the end of the day.

I have had lots of positive feedback from parents, staff and other children in the school saying how good the finished newspaper was. The children have enjoyed selling the School Newspaper to parents and children to raise money for the School Council.

Thank you for a wonderful day and giving my children the opportunity to work with a local reporter to create their own newspaper which they are very proud of.



Here are a selection of testamonials from the Year 4 children:-


I really enjoyed making a newspaper with Catherine because I liked interviewing people to get a quote.


I really enjoyed it when Catherine came because I like reading our finished newspaper.


I can’t believe that we produced a newspaper in a morning!


I really enjoyed being the photographer (Snapper) because I was allowed to use Catherine’s camera.


I enjoyed learning how to do shorthand and I got to write a report about the Girl’s football club that I am in.


I enjoyed learning the new words about newspapers because they were interesting.


I enjoyed writing the newspaper report and then seeing it printed out as part a whole newspaper.


I have enjoyed writing a newspaper and selling them to Parents at Harvest Festival. The children in the other classes thought the newspaper was really good and they bought a copy. Our class raised a lot of money for School Council.


I liked the bit when Catherine told us about her job as a reporter because I thought it was really interesting.


I enjoyed the day with Catherine because when the newspaper was finished and printed out, I liked seeing my name in it. It made me feel special.

Fearns Chat 2013

School News in a Week project

"Thank you very much for all your hard work! I am so pleased with the end product and can't wait to get it back from the printer. We've had the fastest ever production this year!"

Rebecca Roach

Literacy Co-ordinator Fearns Community Sports College

Comments from the pupils taking part

I enjoyed the interviewing because it gave me the chance to meet new people

I enjoyed writing my articles

I enjoyed writing up the articles as it helped me with my vocabulary and literacy skills

It has made me more confident talking to people

It has helped me understand journalism and progress my English skills further



A Year In Faith

School News In a Day project with St Mary's Chaplaincy Team. Burnley

"I can tell you now that feedback has been fantastic. The inspectors were very impressed with our Chaplaincy Team and the newsletter."

Ian Jones


St Mary's RC School, Burnley

St Mary's News

This term, children from Year 6 have been working closely with Catherine Smyth, the well known local journalist and writer, to create a new look newspaper for the school.

Running to twenty pages, the articles are fabulous; a real showcase of the writing skills that our children possess.

The children have really enjoyed the writing process, and as Shannon Chadwick explains, "I really enjoyed writing our articles; particularly the piece about the ECO-Team winning the Green Flag for the third time."

Rochelle Barron had only praise for Mrs Smyth saying, "Mrs Smyth has been really helpful. She’s got really high standards but it means that I’ve learned loads and I’m really proud of the work I’ve produced. "

The children have every right to be proud of what they’ve produced, with a wide range of articles that are very personal to themselves and the school - these include what it’s like to be a triplet by Jack Sweeney.

Mr Richards

Headteacher St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Bacup.

Fearns Community Sports College

Catherine Smyth has been working with Fearns Community Sports College for a number of years; previously in her capacity as a journalist for the Rossendale Free Press and more recently as a freelance media link for the school. Catherine has done some exceptional work for the school in establishing strong links with the local media and turning school events into very newsworthy stories. This has led to us receiving a significant amount of very positive media coverage from the local and regional press and other local media outlets. The pupils self esteem is certainly given a boost by seeing their good work being celebrated in the media.

In addition, Catherine has worked with our pupils to write our annual school newspaper. This has been very successful in developing the skills of our pupils and pulling together a year of successes within the school. The result over the last few years has been so successful that we have replaced the staff produced magazine with the one the pupils produce under Catherine's tutelage.

I would strongly recommend Catherine to any organisation looking to maximise their potential to market themselves, share the success stories with a wider audience or develop the literacy skills within their organisation.

Nigel Dawson

Headteacher at Fearns Community Sports College

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