St Mary's News

This term, children from Year 6 have been working closely with Catherine Smyth, the well known local journalist and writer, to create a new look newspaper for the school.

Running to twenty pages, the articles are fabulous; a real showcase of the writing skills that our children possess.

The children have really enjoyed the writing process, and as Shannon Chadwick explains, "I really enjoyed writing our articles; particularly the piece about the ECO-Team winning the Green Flag for the third time."

Rochelle Barron had only praise for Mrs Smyth saying, "Mrs Smyth has been really helpful. She’s got really high standards but it means that I’ve learned loads and I’m really proud of the work I’ve produced. "

The children have every right to be proud of what they’ve produced, with a wide range of articles that are very personal to themselves and the school - these include what it’s like to be a triplet by Jack Sweeney.

Mr Richards

Headteacher St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Bacup.