Uphill News

Once again, ‘Paper in a Day’ was a great experience for all the children. They learnt about thealt history of newspapers and used some of the jargon. When it came to deciding on jobs, each child had a responsibility and took it very seriously indeed. They worked well as a team and produced a fantastic-looking newspaper. Thanks to Catherine for a brilliant morning.

Mrs Holt

Class 3 teacher Sharneyford Primary School

Paper in a day was great! We learned lots of new things and every one of us got to write about things we wanted to write about. We even got to pick the name of the newspaper. Everyone loved it! Thank you.


Paper in a day was an exciting experience because you got a proper insight of what it would be like as a reporter and it amazed me with how much fun it is! Thank you for an amazing day Catherine. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again.