War Time Terror

The newspaper day that Catherine came to do was, probably, the best school day ever!
She started by telling us about some of the history of newspapers, then Catherine gave us about 10 words to do with newspapers and we had to work out what they meant e.g. a Snapper is the Photographer. First we picked a name for our newspaper, War Time Terror, then we all decided who was doing what and who with. Me and a friend did a wartime crossword, other people did articles about bombs, tanks, artillery and the German invasion.
By lunch time we had finished all the articles and it was also time for Catherine to go.
Later that week she sent us the finished paper. It was amazing what we had all done together in a few hours. Catherine was brilliant at teaching us about newspapers and we were all very happy with the results!


Year 6 pupil at Northern Primary School

'Writing for a purpose' is always more inspiring, especially when related to an exciting topic such as World War 2. What a wonderful 'resource' to access then in writing our very own WW2 newspaper, was journalist Catherine Smyth!

The enthusiasm of the children during the morning's workshop was remarkable; the delivery being pacy, interactive and FUN! Our task had a deadline! WW2 Newspaper to be ready for editing by 12.00 and printed by 2.30. Without exception, every child remained on task throughout.

As a teacher, the concern always is: What are the children learning? Through Catherine's careful planning of her workshop, using the National Curriculum, many of the objectives for speaking and listening, reading and writing were covered. The delivery was multi sensory using artefacts too in explaining and instructing. There was even differentiation in task, dialogue and resource so all children were able to access the activities, with further opportunities in extending the able children.

The delight was in our finished newspaper, which included reports that had been planned, researched, written and presented using ICT, by every one of our children. It certainly was a team effort.

Without Catherine's guidance and expertise, we certainly could not have produced such quality product.

As Harry left the classroom that day he said to me... 'Thanks Miss for inviting Catherine. It's been one of my best days ever!'

Karen Taylor

Year 6 Teacher Northern Primary School