The Sharney Star

sharney webHere are some comments from Sharneyford Primary School on Class 3's paper in a day project.
'Catherine was great and she taught us lots. Class 3 enjoyed our morning doing 'Paper in a day'. We all enjoyed interviewing and typing up the articles. When we got the newspaper from Catherine, it was really impressive!
Gemma, aged 10
'Catherine was full of vim and vigour when she came and had full of fascinating facts about Bacup and journalism. I enjoyed typing what I knew was soon to be a newspaper article. The finished product was a total masterpiece and I am very proud to be a part of it.'
Ocean, aged 11
'The children had a great morning; they were all excited to have their own roles. It was good to see them purposefully roaming the school on a mission to interview people. They were very impressed at the finished product which looked very professional. It has sold well and we can't wait for next year's edition.'
Mrs Holt, Year 5/6 teacher