The Broadway Buzz Here to Stay

A one-off newspaper produced in four weeks proved so popular the school has decided it should be produced every half-term.


The first edition of The Broadway Buzz sold very well, so well the school in Haslingden had decided to continue the sessions each half-term to produce an eight page paper capturing the life of the busy school.

Already I have started working with another group of pupils on the second edition and a third has been booked for June and July.

My School News programme works in many ways - to produce a paper in a day - a paper in a week - termly editions and celebration editions such as 10 years of Carers Contact.

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Apologies for not updating my website but I enjoyed a week away in Cumbria with my children in what seemed like a Force 10 gale on the coast! On my return after Easter, I have not stopped working, however that is no excuse. I did keep my Facebook business page Catherine Smyth Media up to date so please keep checking there to see all the latest cuttings and online links.

I have had a contract with Whitworth Community High School since the end of January and it has resulted in a plethora of stories printed in various media for the school from stories in the Lancashire Telegraph and Rossendale Free Press to Rochdale Observer and Local Journal. Every story is also printed on Rochdale Online so the school has certainly raised its profile.

A selection are printed below - there has been a skiing trip, a visit to the First World War Battlefields, a drama that won top awards, a visit to the Cornerhouse in Manchester to watch a Spanish play in Spanish, the school winning top honours from the BBC and so on and so on.

Fearns has also had its fair share of stories with the appointment of a new headteacher Helen Stead.

Other stories include a caring pupil having her hair cut to make wigs for children with cancer, a clean up with a community group, pupils gaining apprenticeships before they have even left school, a day devoted to Science Engineering Maths and Technology and more see below.

Haslingden High is always busy and among the stories to make the press this month I have written about the school supporting plans to reopen Haslingden Pool, a visit from a top businessman at international accountants Deloitte, sporting successes for a horserider, trampolinist and cross country runner, a new Rugby League team being formed in a link up with Sky Sports and the school's PE teachers entering a biathlon in London.

One of my stories for JJO was used in the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce magazine and when apprentices met David Cameron the story was featured across the press.

Veterans In Communities have had two newsletters created since the last blog and as these are sent to the press numerous stories are being picked up by local papers.

I have had several ad hoc jobs for, where the company is bucking the trend - an internet business first and now a shop. Moos Mens raffling a huge teddy bear for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, Tufties, won a top award at the Red Rose Business Awards, Winter Solicitors where owner Ruth Winter is offering students a chance to learn the ropes, a spectacular show for Dansworks and a lovely community story about a business donating a defibrillator to a community centre.

And next month I will be covering both the General Election and the local council elections so check out my Facebook business page for the results - if you can stay up long enough.

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