Roy thanks his rescuers

When an elderly gentleman collapsed in Rawtenstall three teenagers were quick to come to his aid.

altThe Haslingden High School students helped the pensioner, tended to his injuries and comforted him while help was sought. Their bravery was rewarded with a thank you letter from the North West Ambulance Service.

Rather than just write the story about the pensioner, I made the effort to track him down using contacts and phone calls before turning up at the church where he had been exhibiting and finding his friend.

I then brought Roy into the school so he could personally thank the students. The story made page leads in the Lancashire Telegraph and Rossendale Free Press.



I am delighted to have started two new contracts this year. I am working with Whitworth High School for a trial term and I have also been taken on by major Rossendale employer JJO to produce news stories and the in-house journal.

Already, Whitworth have had a page lead in the Rochdale Observer and the story about students taking part in a reading challenge was also used by Rochdale Online.

JJO hit the headlines when the acquisition of Victoria Works, part of a major expansion of the company's base. Turnover is set to break all records next year. To read the story here is the link to the East Lancs Chamber of Commerce site at the Lancashire Telegraph. It was also used by the Rossendale Free Press and the online story was shared more than 100 times.

Veterans in Communities made the headlines after securing a grant from the Ministry of Defence to buy a crew vehicle. The 11 seater minibus was bought from 'Bank of Dave' David Fishwick in Colne. The story was used by the Lancashire Telegraph and here is the story on Rochdale Online. I also produced VIC News for January.

Telling people's stories is my specialism and when Rossendale Community First Responders wanted a series of articles to encourage people to join their organisation, that is how I tackled the job. Community First Responders are often the first people on the scene of an emergency and save many lives and help patients working with the ambulance service. The team need more volunteers in specific areas of Rossendale and the stories were all targeted to those areas.

A series of five news stories have been written and these will be used in the Rossendale Free Press as part of the newspaper's commitment to helping and promoting the community. The first was used on February 6 and stories will be in every other week for 10 weeks.

A further combined story detailing information on all of the First Responders interviewed will feature in the Local Journal.

Haslingden High School has been busy and news stories have made page leads in both the Rossendale Free Press and Lancashire Telegraph. A student who had her hair cut to make a wig for a child with cancer and the school becoming an Apple Regional Training Centre dominated the news pages. Professional football hopeful Morgan Bacon also made the sports news pages.

Fearns Community Sports College made the news when Falklands veteran Darren Horsnell visited to talk to pupils and a bike safety course was run at school. All the school news I write is also featured on the schools' websites.

If you want your story to be told - just give me a call.